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MA, Reg. Psychologist, FDRP

Medicare Provider No: 4197097T


What is your problem?

Most people feel they can at least identify with the problems in this following list and can use that to put their own problem into words and seek help.

  • Does depression settle heavily around your shoulders every day leaving you unable to function or conceive of a future?

  • Have you been keeping a secret that’s crippling you with doubt, fear, and inaction?

  • Do you dig your heels in and resist change

  • Are you afraid to accept change and don’t know how to start to handle that change?

  • Do you feel used, abused, or manipulated because you’re unable to tell your partner, children, parents or friends what you really feel or need?

  • Do you feel wound up as tight as a spring and lash out angrily because you just can’t take any more stress?

  • Are you carrying the pain of loss that won’t let go?

  • Do you suffer from anxiety attacks that leave you crippled with inactivity?

  • Do you suffer the embarrassment of ‘woolly’ thinking and find it frustratingly difficult to make decisions?

  • Are you carrying the pain of sexual and/or physical abuse that keeps you rigid with fear at the thought of bringing it out in the open?

  • Do you feel unheard because you’re unable to stand up for yourself in an argument?

  • Are you aware that some of your thinking or behaviours are not giving you the outcome that you want or need but don’t know how to change?

  • Do you feel stuck in a rut without friends or family to enjoy outings with?

  • Are you frustrated by not being able to ‘get the words out’ in a conversation?

  • Do you spend your day screaming at your kids but not getting them to do what you want?

  • Are you afraid of change – in your life or career even if that change may ultimately be good for you?

  • Are you unable to find a middle ground with your ex-partner that will allow a less stressful conclusion to family breakdowns.

Rosalin Primrose   MA   Registered Psychologist,

Nationally Accredited Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP)

Counselling Psychology: Registration No: PSY 0000976237
Medicare Provider No: 4197097T
Generalist practice with specialist knowledge of mediation, trauma recovery, individual counselling, child & tantrum therapy, and family transitions. 
Ph 0424  002 640  RosalinPrimrose@gmail.com
Counselling & Mediation – Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

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Rosalin Primrose

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