Access to

The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)

If you have a mental health issue, the number of sessions you can have under the MBS in a calendar year is 10 with your GP assessing your progress after six sessions.

How do I pay under the MBS?

Psychologists set their own fees, which are usually higher than the Medicare rebate available to you.  If a psychologist is willing to bulk bill, you will be asked to assign your right to the benefit to the psychologist, who then receives it directly.

If the psychologist is charging a higher fee than the bulk billing rate, you will pay the psychologist and get a receipt, which you can then use to claim your rebate through Medicare.

You can’t claim the Medicare rebate and then claim on private insurance to cover the gap fee, so you need to decide whether to claim from Medicare or from a private insurer.

How do I get access to a psychologist?

If your GP thinks you have a mental disorder, under the Medicare rebate scheme, he or she can refer you to a psychologist through a Mental Health Plan, written by the GP.  You then take that to the psychologist and it’s the basis on which you work together for the changes you want.

If you want to see a psychologist you’ve chosen, tell your GP and ask for that referral. Give your GP the psychologist’s business card with their Medicare Provider Number on it. If you don’t know a psychologist, your GP can make a referral for you.  Ask your psychologist or GP about the disorders that are covered.

Other Problems Not Covered by Medicare Rebates

If you have problems that don’t seem to be covered under the MBS, for instance couple communication, you may need to pay your own fees.  If you have private health insurance, you may be able to claim a rebate.  Ask your provider about that.

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