Rosalin’s story

“About Rosalin Primrose and her passion for counselling….”

Rosalin left an international career as a journalist to become a counselling psychologist because she could see that “we had to change the way we live our lives”.  And journalism wasn’t going to deliver that change.

She was interested in finding out how people, families and communities change.  And her choice to do an Adlerian Masters degree took her to North America, where indigenous cultures were leading the way in restoring peace between people by using ancient, common sense practices.

It was in Canada that Rosalin realised the power of dispute resolution practices such as mediation and negotiation skills to transform painful processes into healthy ones.   Now, with 20 years of experience as a mediator to her credit, Rosalin is expert in the area of family disputes and enjoys helping people make good agreements for their children and for preserving family assets for family members.

Rosalin’s extensive experience enables her t0:

  • help people through the grief and loss of major life changes;
  • act as a coach for those wanting to lift their skills and change their thinking;
  • assits victims of crime (particularly sexual abuse) and of traumatic events.

Common sense, compassion and optimism infuse Rosalin’s approach to counselling and dispute resolution.  As a Registered Psychologist with a Medicare Provider Number, she is accessible at little cost to clients referred by a GP.   No GP referral is necessary if you wish to contact Rosalin directly.

For your convenience – weekend and phone consultations are also available.

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